M&E Expert

I am currently working as a

MEAL Specialist with GIZ on an RCT for the EUTF and I believe that my wealth of knowledge, education,

skills, and current experience make me an outstanding candidate for this position. I am a statistician by

profession, and an M&E by practice. With a MSc. Quantitative Economics, Post Graduate Diploma in

Monitoring and Evaluation and a BSc. Quantitative Economics with cores in Statistics, Econometrics and

Research, I am skilled in the following statistical packages; STATA, SPSS, Epi-data, MySQL, R-Analysis,

Ms-Access, Ms-Excel, Epi-Info. I am highly skilled in the use of Ms-word and Ms-PowerPoint for reporting

and presentations, programming in ODK and Survey Monkey and creating tools with advanced excel skills

with the ability to create excel based tools and dashboards using complex formulas and functions, pivot

tables, and create graphs.

Since October 2021, I have been overseeing the Monitoring and Evaluation component for GIZ in

a consortium of over 10 implementing partners with a portfolio of $23 million dollars and the project

distributed across 6 refugee hosting districts in the West Nile Region of Northern Uganda. The portfolio

includes partnerships and sub-grantees. I make alarms to the various societal problems through figures by

extensively examining the various research properties, like the psychometric, of the construct of

comprehensive knowledge about various programmatic problems ranging from livelihood to health so as

to not only achieve the targeted outcomes but also achieve the impact that is measured using high end

indicators that are both qualitative by use of success stories, FGDs, transect walks and observations or

quantitatively by analyzing univariate, to look at the measures of central tendency such as the mean, median,

mode, covariance and standard deviation, bivariate looking at the chi square, correlation, ANOVA and the

multivariate modeling using the complementary log log regression for the binary/Bernoulli, the logistic for

the Poisson count outcomes, the normal regression for the continuous variables, and the multinomial

distribution for ordered and nominal outcome variables and principle component analysis that removes

multicollinearity. I have a broad understanding of Statistical concepts, methods, and models.

My daily workload includes collecting, collating, analyzing, interpreting, and disseminating

various statistical data, both quantitative and qualitative including writing success stories, documenting

Focus Group Discussions and Key Informant Interviews. I am a very articulate and confident communicator

with the ability to circulate information clearly, timely, efficiently, and beneficial for the end users. I am

well versed in areas of monitoring and evaluation, reporting, learning, data management, assessment, and

research. I have strong experience in extending technical support in logistics management, support and

general assistance to an M&E team and interacting with M&E databases and systems.

I seamlessly integrate and perform efficiently in multi-cultural environments. I am well versed with

donor/development partner engagement at National and International level. A new challenge is very much

welcome as a learning opportunity.


Last Resume Update August 5, 2022
Address Kampala, Uganda
Phone Number +256703111319

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